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The following are rules as per our covenants and restrictions. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that those who reside on their property (e.g., tenants, relatives, friends) adhere to all rules and regulations.

Traffic/Parking Rules:

  1. The speed limit on all Crossing streets/firelanes is 20 MPH.
  2. Illegally parked vehicles are subject to tow-away without notice. Illegal parking is defined as follows.
    • Curb side parking on “Private” streets.
    • Parking in “Firelanes”, the entire width of all streets and alleys are firelanes.
    • Parking on “Lawn Areas”.
    • Any “disabled vehicle” or any vehicle with an “expired tag” is prohibited from parking on the property unless parked in a garage.
  3. Vehicles “for sale” are not allowed for display on the property.
  4. Rental unit garages are to be used for tenants’ vehicles.
  5. No boat, motor home, camper, trailer, motorcycle, go cart, recreational vehicles, or any other vehicles tagged or not tagged will be driven/operated, parked, stored unless parked in a garage.
  6. No large trucks (semi, eighteen wheel) or weight exceeding two thousand pounds (one ton) are allowed on the streets or alleys except for the express purpose of load and unloading large goods.
  7. Any vehicle in which the dimensions exceed 96” high, 84” wide and 240” long is prohibited from parking on the property.
  8. Exceptions for the above rules must be approved in writing by the HOA Board of Directors.

Refuse Container and Trash/Junk Rules:

  1. Refuse containers shall be placed within four feet of the curb line of the street or directly behind the residence to the left or right of the garage door openings and as close to the buildings as possible.
  2. Containers should be placed out no earlier than 7:00 p.m. of the evening preceding the collection day and must be replaced in garages or bin areas not later than 8:00 p.m. of collection day.
  3. Garbage bin doors are not to be removed. If the container does not fit it must be placed in the garage.
  4. Refuse containers not kept in the bins or garages will be tagged for pickup by OKC.
  5. The placement of junk and/or debris, etc. on the commons, alleys or streets other than at the time of the BIG JUNK pickup held MONTHLY by the Oklahoma City Sanitation Dept. is prohibited. Be sure to time your cleanup with the date that is provided for you in your water/refuse bill. Any illegal dumping will be reported to Oklahoma City Action Center. Fines will be issued. Use designated BIG JUNK sites as per map. Map will be placed on the bulletin board in front of the clubhouse.

Antenna/Cable Rules:

  1. No antenna or other device for the transmission or reception of television, radio or internet signals or any other electromagnetic radiation shall be erected, used, or maintained outdoors on any LOT (no attachment to roof, building, fence or structure), unless attached to a pole in the backyard area in such a manner that it is not VISIBLE by neighboring property.
  2. No utility cable (TV, internet, phone, etc.) is to be attached to the building exterior. A short cable run from the ground to an attic entrance is acceptable. This is an approximated footage of 8’ (vertical).

Tennis Court/Pool/Clubhouse Rules:

  1. Use of these facilities is limited to those residing in units. Owners may not use the facilities while their unit is rented/leased.
  2. A signed consent form from the property owner, and if applicable their tenant, is required prior to the purchase of a pool entrance key. Only one key per unit is issued each year. Duplicated or additional keys are prohibited.
  3. Limit restrictions (persons) for a facility must be observed. Any violation of limits will result in immediate lose of facility usage.
  4. Additional posted pool and clubhouse rules must be followed.

Common Areas Rules:

  1. Any alterations to landscape must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Items (flower pots, furniture, etc.) cannot be placed in the mowing area of the commons.

Residence Rules:

  1. Owners/residents are required to maintain window screens, doors, fences, shrubs, trees and ornamental items within the 3’ area to the front, side in addition to the backyard area of units.
  2. Landscaping can not be altered to impede the drainage of water from adjoining yards.
  3. Units were built equipped with Central Heat and Air units, and shall remain with like equipment. Window units may be used for an emergency period of 60 days. The units should be placed in windows accessible from the backyard area, only.
  4. For Sale realty signs should be placed directly next to the building and not in the common area or near the street. Such signs are not allowed on Memorial Road at the neighborhood’s entrance. Open House signs may be placed on the property from the Friday immediately before the open house until the Sunday after completion of the open house.