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October Newsletter


This is the October newsletter for The Crossing.

Previous newsletters are available in the archive.

August Newsletter

newsletter2This is the August newsletter for The Crossing.

Previous newsletters are available in the archive.

The Pool

The Pool will close for the season on September 28th. Until then, the open hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 7 days a week.

Proof of insurance required for every home

Please provide proof of your home’s full-coverage insurance to the HOA. Make a copy of your insurance declaration page and deliver it to the HOA by one of the following methods: drop it off in the brown mailbox at the clubhouse; mail it to 13801 Crossing Way East, Edmond, OK  73013; or email to

As of Dec. 1, 2013, each homeowner is responsible for full coverage insurance (interior & exterior) on their unit. You will no longer be billed for “hazard insurance” by the HOA to cover the unit’s exterior. The HOA’s insurance coverage is now on the common areas (clubhouse, pool, grassy areas, etc.) only.

Covenants Amendment Approved

UPDATE: This amendment passed in early 2015. We appreciate all homeowners that helped us make this happen! If you have any questions, email or call our answering service at 405-478-0941.

Covenants Amendment Proposed:

In an effort to update a couple important parts of The Crossing’s Covenants, an amendment to three sections has been proposed for homeowners’ approval. A change to the covenants requires approval from 80% of homeowners, so it is very important that owners sign & notarize the acknowledgement form that was mailed to each owner’s residence on file.

Below are links to relevant documents:

Letter from HOA Board about Proposed Amendment

Proposed Amendment – Language

Signature/Acknowledgement Form

Current Complete Covenants

Conformed Copy of Covenants thru 12.31.15  Easy to read Covenants

HOA Dues for 2015

One bedroom…… $118/month
Two bedrooms….. $145/month
Three bedrooms… $171/month

Dues did not increase this 2015 year. The Board is proud to say that we are getting our Crossing accomplishments completed and feel we can keep our residential area up to date.

All dues payments must be mailed to: The Crossing HOA, PO Box 1664, Edmond, OK 73083-1664. Do not drop your payment in the clubhouse mailbox or you could incur a late fee. Payments are now processed by Cannon & Rayburn, CPAs, in Edmond. If you have a question about your dues or the new amounts, email


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