Summer Newsletter

This is the summer newsletter for The Crossing. Please see all the changes.

New monthly meetings will be bi-monthly on even number months. (April, June, etc)

Previous newsletters are available in the archive.

The Pool

The Pool is now OPENED. The open hours are from 9 a.m. through 9 p.m. 7 days a week.

If you need a key come to the Clubhouse and get a sign-up sheet. Fill it out and attach a check for $25.00 fee and leave in the brown drop box by the door and a key will get dropped off at your mail box. If you have questions send us an email…. Do NOT leave a check without a sign-up sheet.

April Newsletter

This is the April newsletter for The Crossing. Please see all the changes.

New monthly meetings will be bi-monthly on even number months. (April, June, etc)

Previous newsletters are available in the archive.

Proof of insurance required for every home

Please provide proof of your home’s full-coverage insurance to the HOA. Make a copy of your insurance declaration page and deliver it to the HOA by one of the following methods: drop it off in the brown mailbox at the clubhouse; mail it to 13801 Crossing Way East, Edmond, OK  73013; or email to

As of Dec. 1, 2013, each homeowner is responsible for full coverage insurance (interior & exterior) on their unit. You will no longer be billed for “hazard insurance” by the HOA to cover the unit’s exterior. The HOA’s insurance coverage is now on the common areas (clubhouse, pool, grassy areas, etc.) only.

Covenants Amendment Proposed

In an effort to update a couple important parts of The Crossing’s Covenants, an amendment to three sections has been proposed for homeowners’ approval. A change to the covenants requires approval from 80% of homeowners, so it is very important that owners sign & notarize the acknowledgement form that was mailed to each owner’s residence on file.

Below are links to relevant documents:

Letter from HOA Board about Proposed Amendment

Proposed Amendment – Language

Signature/Acknowledgement Form

Current Complete Covenants

We will be available to answer questions about this amendment at our annual meeting on Sunday, Jan. 18 at 4 p.m. at The Crossing Clubhouse. You may email any questions to or call our answering service at 405-478-0941. Also, a notary will be available for your convenience at The Crossing Clubhouse on Jan. 27 and 28 from 6 to 8 p.m. and Jan. 31 from 9 to 11 a.m. Please submit your completed form by JANUARY 31. Thank you!

HOA Dues for 2015

One bedroom…… $118/month
Two bedrooms….. $145/month
Three bedrooms… $171/month

Dues did not increase this 2015 year. The Board is proud to say that we are getting our Crossing accomplishments completed and feel we can keep our residential area up to date.

All dues payments must be mailed to: The Crossing HOA, PO Box 1664, Edmond, OK 73083-1664. Do not drop your payment in the clubhouse mailbox or you could incur a late fee. Payments are now processed by Cannon & Rayburn, CPAs, in Edmond. If you have a question about your dues or the new amounts, email

Annual Meeting to be held Jan. 18

Homeowners are encouraged to attend The Crossing’s annual meeting of the Homeowners Association on Sunday, Jan. 18 at 4 p.m. at the Clubhouse. We’ll review the 2014 financials and completed projects, then look forward to 2015 with a new budget and plans for the new year. Your Board of Directors for 2015 will also be introduced. Seven nominations were submitted for the seven director positions so a formal election is not necessary and the nominees will be confirmed at the Jan. 18 annual meeting. Also, we will be available to answer any questions about the proposed amendment to The Crossing’s Covenants, which was mailed to owners in early January.

Reminder after small fire

On the night of Oct. 15 we had a small fire at a home in The Crossing. A resident left a candle burning in the kitchen then left the home. Thankfully, a neighbor smelled smoke and called the fire department. Fire and water damage were mostly contained to the unit’s kitchen area, but the resulting smoke caused minor damage to the surrounding units.

This is an important opportunity to remind everyone that each unit needs to have its own FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE. The HOA has no insurance on our individual homes. Each owner is responsible for insurance on their roof, interior and exterior of the home and garage. If you’re unsure if your entire townhouse is covered, contact your insurance agent. (In December 2013, each owner became responsible for their own insurance, and the HOA no longer charges an additional “hazard insurance” fee. This was the most affordable option for most homeowners.)

Also, we strongly advise that you get to know your neighbors. Have their contact information in case of emergency. Yesterday, the neighbors did not know the resident, who moved in just a few months ago, so they couldn’t advise the firefighters and didn’t know how to notify the resident about the fire. Luckily, the HOA board members have most owners’ contact information so we were able to notify the owner and resident immediately after the fire was out.

We’re very thankful the fire in this case was fairly small and no one was injured. It serves as an important reminder, however, of what we all must do. If you have any questions, please contact the HOA board at or call our answering service at 405-478-0941.

Clubhouse Rental Fees Changed

The Board of Directors voted in April to change the clubhouse rental fee structure. The great news is it is now FREE for owners and renters to rent the clubhouse but clean-up is required. (If the clubhouse is being used for commercial purposes during the rented period, there is a fee based on the number of people attending.) The other news is the cleaning/damage deposit was changed to $150. That payment check will not be deposited unless cleaning is necessary or damage has occurred. If alcohol is served, add $200 to your cleaning/damage deposit check.

To reserve the clubhouse submit a clubhouse reservation form, signed by the homeowner, with payment of the cleaning/damage deposit to the HOA. Forms can be found in the white box outside the clubhouse front door or may be downloaded here: Clubhouse information.

Insurance & Covenants were hot topics at annual meeting

Thank you to the 40-50 people that attended the annual meeting on Jan. 27. We had a good discussion and review of important issues with HOA Attorney Matt Winton. The change to full-coverage insurance for all homes was an important topic, as well as an upcoming amendment to the covenants that homeowners will vote on in 2014. We’ll continue the covenants discussion at the Feb. 11 monthly board meeting that all homeowners are invited to attend and participate in the discussion. During Monday’s meeting we also reviewed the HOA budget and construction plan for 2014, and elected the board of directors for 2014. The directors then met privately to elect officers after the annual meeting’s conclusion.


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